Tuesday, October 25, 2016

2D Class Week 09 Shape Language

Theme Wizard of Oz
Artist Style: Tim Burton

Team Scarecrow:
Bailey Steggarda (Leader)
Anthony Ballinas
Doug Halley
Matthew Trupiano
Michael Vogel 

Ryan Hill

My 2D class Scarecrow team worked on a complex project, developing a series of shape language reference guide lines that define our character and environment props shape Design. We also got the chance to create referential proxy models set in a scene in UE4. And the groovy part of is assignment is the use of the HTC Vive VR system to visually place our team members in this world that we created.

I was in charge of environment props such as the bushes, fence, and scarecrow stand. I created three versions of the bush to add variation to our environment's vegetation.

Environment concept images by Bailey Steggarda

Shape language environment description slide by Bailey Steggarda

This slide discusses my contributing bushes shape design.

Shape language environment description slide by Bailey Steggarda

This slide discusses my contributing scarecrow stand and fence.

First bush proxy model by Ryan Hill

Second bush proxy model by Ryan Hill

Third bush proxy model by Ryan Hill

Fence proxy model by Ryan Hill

Scarecrow stand proxy model by Ryan Hill

The first look at the overall environment design, shape, and lighting for our scarecrow character. 

This shows my fence and bushes in our forest this side of the level.

Cool render of our character set on my scarecrow stand, inside our fenced in wheat field.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Week 08 Working in a Game Engine with Final Prop

Time Spent: 5:30 hours

I’ve slowly lost my speedy development pace these past couple weeks for my 2D and 3D assignments. I think contributing factors have been lack of focus, time management, and my lack of sleep during the beginning of each week. I need to step up my game and complete this 3D cannon prop modeling project on a high note and on time. This post is going to cover the incomplete work from last week’s Substance Painter assignment, and then turn in the fourth and final cannon prop modeling assignment. I’m also going to update my previous weekly posts with their associated high poly cannon rendered images.

For week 8, I export my cannon’s texture maps from Substance Painter and then import them to my low poly model in Maya.

Emissive material self illumination test.

 Stencil and texture map.

Substance Painter Cannon Render.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Week 07 Bake Maps and Digital Painting for a Prop

Time Spent 1 hour

I'm excited to start working on this section of the project. This week, I'm assigned to import our Zbrush cannon model into Allegorithmic's Substance Painter program. 

First I imported the low poly model into Substance, and started following along with the class tutorials on learning the program's interface.

At this point, I started running out of time to complete this project with little work to visually show for it. I understand I'm having some time management and focusing issues with this project. I hope to continue working on this project over the weekend while I'm attending the OrlandoiX conference.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Week 08 Artist Discovery

Theme Wizard of Oz
Artist Style: Tim Burton

Team Scarecrow:
Bailey Steggarda (Leader)
Anthony Ballinas 

Doug Halley
Matthew Trupiano
Michael Vogel
Ryan Hill

I've had another good opportunity to partner up on six member team to develop a known character from the Wizard of Oz series.

This project involved researching the scarecrow character, team discussion on the character design's key detailed focal points that we were all looking searching for, and the development of the character's performance and use of expression.

Team Scarecrow Pinterest Main Page

My collection of character animation reference sketches stored and share amongst the team on Pinterest. I also shared some found scarecrow sketches on the character page and art dump board.

My Animation Reference Page

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Week 07 Basic Lighting

Time Spent: 7 Hours

For this project, I choose to draw a HO scale model of a New Jersey Central Railroad Company tug boat.

 Compositional 3 point directional lighting, with a light blue LED light bounce an additional blue color to the model's surface.

Observational line work study and value drawing.

Applying primary colors to the piece.

Final Piece with developed shade value and highlights.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Week 06 Value

Time Spent: 7 hours

This was a great exercise for me to develop my 2D value and form skills. I always felt I didn't have enough experience in creating these tonal versions on an organic character in the past. I'm really glad I found the time this week to work on this to its completion. Our other art classes like to focus mostly on 3D asset creation and implementation. So, I'm glad to work on this ever now and then.  

I studied Valve's Dota 2 Character Art Guide and followed along with class to create values for this line art piece.

Line art masking out white backdrop for new compositionally good mid tone gradient backdrop. Includes my directional lighting placement.

Line art gray scale fill and shadow placement.

 Final piece displaying my characters values.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Week 06 UV and Digital Sculpting for a Prop

Time spent: 7 hours

This is week two of my continuing build of a cannon prop. This time I distributed the cannon's UVs on a grid in Maya and scaled them evenly using Maya's UV checkerboard. Next I duplicated the model and created a high resolution polygon version. Mainly, I'm adding more polygons along the hard edges of mesh in order to sharpen the edges of my original low poly model. This is important because this week I'm then going to import the mesh into Zbrush, and start sculpting fine details onto the prop's surface. 

I spent most of my time UVing and creating the high poly mesh. 

Side by side Maya snapshot of the low and high polygon models, with wireframes.

Snapshot of my cannon's Maya exported obj file mesh that's imported into Zbrush. This is my current progress on sculpting the cannon in Zbrush. I plan to continue working on this in the coming week with our third week developing this prop.