Sunday, December 11, 2016

2D Class Week 16 Figure Drawing Turn In

Time Spent: 10:40 hours

In conjunction with my 2D class, the artists and I were given the opportunity to attend a figure drawing class held every available Friday evening. We all studied human anatomy with a live model, and examined the bones of an supplied skeleton model. It was an interesting class to improve my drawing skills and ability to visually see and draw thew defining feature of the female and male human body.

My class's assignment due on the last week of the fall semester, is to create three final figure drawings, combining the skills I developed since my first session 16 weeks ago. I was instructed to create three new pieces or push three previously drawn pieces from class further to a professional state. This included utilizing the lessons from our 2D class to develop clean line work, realistic proportions, and shading values.

I feel this is a good start in developing my drawing skills, but I can still see additional improvement is required in fully understanding and rendering the human figure. I plan to continue drawing every day to aid my artistic career in animation, that requires strong drawing skills in order to become a professional animator.


Figure drawing 1 original sketch


Figure drawing 1 final - value shaded

Figure drawing 2 original sketch

Figure drawing 2 final - value shaded

Figure drawing 3 original sketch

Figure drawing 3 final - value shaded

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  1. The bottom one is starting to have a good value structure, but all the pieces have some very large proportional issues.