Tuesday, January 31, 2017

3D Class Week 03 Hard Surface Modeling Project

Hello everyone. I'm continuing my education here at FIEA, during UCF's Spring semester. My art specialization is in animation, where I've been making some cool quadruped dog walking and running animations for the last 3 weeks. 

Last week, I decided to continue studying 3d modeling in preparation for creating character and environment models for my capstone game 'Card Link'. I'm the lead artist and only artist on my 4 member team. So, I figure it's best to follow along with one of the 3d artists modeling project's.

This week's assignment focus's on constructing a futuristic inspired gun based on one of the pre-selected gun templates, supplied by Nick. It teaches the students how to model hard surface models using a combination of the software programs fusion 360, Maya, and Zbrush.

 Sub-machine hand gun concept art, inspired by a Halo game security pistol. 

Nick supplied this one image view (Seen above) of the gun template. Modeling this gun featured challenges such as locating and modeling hidden details seen on the gun's surface. I imposed creative liberty in detailing areas not seen in the photo.
Construction Process in Maya.

Final Render in Maya.

I hope to push this mesh further before importing it to Zbrush.

Time Spent: 9 hours